Reviews of "Do It" from Nelly Furtado & Timbaland

These are actual "pre-scandal" reviews collected from all around the web.


The roller-skating jam "Do It" is all percolating, bubblegum keyboards (and one of Timbaland's best beats since he put the snakey whistle on Ludacris' "The Potion"). (MTV)

'Do It' drops an early Eighties Street Sounds electro-pop motif into some frisky footwork from Timbaland. (The Observer)

"Do It" is probably the best uptempo track on the album. While I again initially had visions of Gwen while hearing this song, it now reminds me more of something Madonna would have done on her first two albums, before she becams eslf-important and lost her sense of humor. (Epinions)

It's followed by "Do It" which gives a refreshing change to the album as it's got a strong hip hop mixed with electro feel to it. The gist of the lyrics revolve around sexual innuendos which again is not what we're used to from pure faced Nelly Furtado, but she does pull it off - not literally! I really like this song and can see it being played it bars and clubs around the country - a great electro sounding hip hop track that really does stick in your mind. (Dooyoo)

But then there's "Do It," with a rush of hectic keyboard squiggles and a remarkable bassline that promises to make anybody feel just a little bit more beddable. (AVClub)

Do It is also fun with what sounds like a Commodore 64 in the background (for those fellow geeks who know what I'm talking about). (Acoustic Sounds)

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